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Understanding Shakespeare: The Visual Form of Text and Language

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Understanding Shakespeare: The Visual Form of Text and Language: “

Understanding Shakespeare [] visualizes entire plays by Shakespeare in 5 different ways, by showing its entire texts translated as a collection of the most frequently used words for each character.

In the first data view, a scene is represented by a block of text and scaled relatively according to its number of words. Characters are ordered by appearance from left to right throughout the play. In addition, the major character’s speeches are highlighted to illustrate their amounts of spoken words as compared to the rest of the play. In the ‘You, Me and Them’ view, the role of each character is highlighted by grouping all statements starting with a personal pronoun (e.g. I, you, me, them, …). In the ‘Shakespeare Googled’ view, famous quotes from a play are compared with the number of results the text returns on Google. In the ‘Enter Exit’ view focuses solely on the action on stage by representing the stage directions found within the written drama, such as when individual characters enter or exit the stage, sing, sleep or die.

(Via information aesthetics.)


Written by bigoptics

settembre 13, 2010 a 7:49 am

Pubblicato su InfoViz, semantic, Textual


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