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Apparati Effimeri – Mapping On Trees

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Apparati Effimeri – Mapping On Trees: “

A quanto pare sembra sia una delle nuove frontiere che sta esplorando chi si occupa di video mapping. Mi riferisco alle proiezioni su elementi naturali come alberi piante e fiori. A riprova basta ricordare il mapping video interattivo di Kimichi and Chips o anche il video clip realizzato da Dirk Rauscher. Il filmato del post è la 3D projection di Apparati Effimeri tenutasi al giardino botanico di Bologna.


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settembre 8, 2011 at 9:44 pm

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OBSERVATIONS from nik hanselmann on Vimeo.

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GL shaders + Cinder

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GL shaders + Cinder: “




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Action Painting Redux [openFrameworks]

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Action Painting Redux [openFrameworks]: “

The spectacle and surplus masculinity of Hollywood is hardly run-of-the-mill source material for generative art, but Canadian software artist Jeremy Rotsztain has been diligently exploring transforming cinematic convention into rich, abstract compositions for three years now. Rotsztain’s Action Painting project (first featured on CAN in fall 2009) employs scenes and sound design—’data’ from action movies—as raw material to generate abstract expressionist style animations. ‘Revving Motors, Spinning Wheels’ (below) is one of four videos released by Rotsztain this summer that illustrate just how far this project has come – the piece reads as a love letter to both Jackson Pollock and Jason Bourne. On close viewing the source material (culled from Ronin, The French Connection, etc.)  is clearly organized thematically and the video functions as a serial examination of the stock components of definitive chase scenes. Screeching brakes, blaring sirens, lead-footed acceleration and the inevitable Ballardian-endgame all filter through the mix in clusters of topical clips.

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