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Hydro Acoustic Study [vvvv]

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Hydro Acoustic Study [vvvv]: “

Created by Francisco Lopez (Madrid, Amsterdam) in collaboration with generative artist Paul Prudence (London), Hydro Acoustic Study or also known as Untitled [BioAcousticPhenomena] is a video performance/audio visual installation exploring live mutating morphologies where the organic and the virtual collide in crisp detail.

This performance was realised in association with AMBIFONICA, the residency programme organized by OPTOFONICA Lab, hosting local and international artists who work on new compositions that employ advanced techniques of Ambisonics sound spatialization.

Project Page + more Flickr stills here.


Created using vvvv.


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Reel to reel tape machines

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Reel to reel tape machines: “Open Reel Ensemble, Wada Ei, Matteo Marangoni, reel_time_sampling.jpg Reel to reel tape machines are dinosaurs compared to the digital audio workstations we use today and old timers are usually grateful not to have to resort to scissors when an edit is required in the modern sound studio. For people like Wada Ei who were born after the personal computer however old tape machines still carry a mysterious fascination. His Open Reel Ensemble has retrò-engineered a set of two track Pioneer RT-1050s and given them special features. The tape decks are interfaced with computers and can be individually controlled through an iphone application. But what is perhaps more interesting is that the play heads have been made mobile by mounting them on solenoids. Activating the solenoids moves the play heads back and forth at variable speeds, introducing novel jitter effects. The Open Reel Ensemble performs live combining their modded gear with conventional instruments. These are sampled in real time and then warped, warbled, looped and scratched by the nimble fingers of Wada Ei. It might seem like a lot of work for something that could be achieved far more easily by other means, but old school analog devices beat computers when it comes to stage presence and sheer physical response.

Matteo Marangoni



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rheo: 5 horizons [MaxMSP, Sound]

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rheo: 5 horizons [MaxMSP, Sound]: “

Described as ‘one of the best audiovisual installations and a personal favourite of the prix ars electronica 2010’ by Jonas Heuer, the rheo: 5 horizons is work by Ryoichi Kurokawa. The audio/visual piece has just won Golden Nicas prize in the Digital Musics & Sound Art category. First created back in 2009 utilising 3 screens in the form of Audiovisual concert (see images below), the new installation is a five screen extravaganza and a must see if you’re making your way to the prix.

Ryoichi Kurokawa’s new work ‘Rheo’ is a new form of audiovisual expression inspired by the constant flux of landscapes. Kurokawa tends to eliminate the boundaries of our physical perception. A minimal, yet chaotic conflux of visual and auditory perception merges into an experience of memory and ambiguity, where virtual and actual images are no longer distinguishable. Read more about the work on cimatics




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