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Hydro Acoustic Study [vvvv]

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Hydro Acoustic Study [vvvv]: “

Created by Francisco Lopez (Madrid, Amsterdam) in collaboration with generative artist Paul Prudence (London), Hydro Acoustic Study or also known as Untitled [BioAcousticPhenomena] is a video performance/audio visual installation exploring live mutating morphologies where the organic and the virtual collide in crisp detail.

This performance was realised in association with AMBIFONICA, the residency programme organized by OPTOFONICA Lab, hosting local and international artists who work on new compositions that employ advanced techniques of Ambisonics sound spatialization.

Project Page + more Flickr stills here.


Created using vvvv.


(Via CreativeApplications.Net.)


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settembre 28, 2010 at 12:55 pm